Apply for a standard or commemorative birth certificate.

Imagine this You're pressed for time. You badly need the document you drove an hour for. But as you sit in the county office (you've been there for two hours), the secretary sips coffee. And then she tells you: "Come back after three days and we might have found your record by then. There are tons of documents here."

Here's another scenario... You decide to scavenge through your local government's website. You click here and there. Five hours later, you give up because you're simply flooded with all the public data… and you can't find yours.

Because here's the truth: Finding public records on your own can be very tedious and time-consuming. And when you badly need the birth certificate, death certificate, marriage, or divorce certificate, you feel helpless because all you can do is wait.

Who we are and what we do is a private company that offers assistance in completing your Vital Records Application. You can download all other Vital Records from our site PLUS online assistance from our Vital Record experts. We will provide you all the information you need to complete your request.

We don't charge for specific forms or other documents, which can be obtained from your local Vital Statistics Office. Our fee of $24.99 is for the convenience of immediate assistance of all your BDM questions and concerns. Please note, our services and other information can be obtained for from your local Vital Statistics Office, or other government office, and it's usually free (OFFICIAL BDM SITE*).

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